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Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve is one of the nation’s leading precious metal firms that handles both U.S. Government and foreign issued coins. With over 100 years of combined experience in the precious metals industry, our account executives are more than qualified to lead clients into a highly profitable position in gold, silver, and platinum. Nationwide Coin’s top priority is to see that our valued clients receive industry leading ROIs (return on investment) in their precious metals portfolios. It’s what we do best. Over the years, our clients have seen enormous financial gains by utilizing Nationwide Coin’s expert knowledge and advice. Clients use our win-win acquisition techniques to best position themselves in this rapidly growing sector of investment. Worldwide financial threats and instability are on the rise. The need to diversify monetary holdings has never been greater. Contact Nationwide Coin to find out more about a wide range of precious metal financial products.


  • Pre 1933 American rare coins and bullion
  • Modern American rare coins and bullion products
  • Foreign coin and bullion products
  • IRA rollover and start up gold and silver packages


  • Precious Metals Consultants
  • Rarities Consultants
  • Numismatic Experts
  • Economists and Trend Analyst