gold at cost

gold at cost

Gold USD 1276.7   per Ounce
Silver USD 16.92   per Ounce
Platinum USD 926.29  per Ounce
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IMF Warnings are Gold Bullish

The International Monetary Fund is warning of dangers to world financial markets and economies that could substantially boost the appeal of precious metals. In its latest Global Financial Stability Report, the IMF observes that investors, particularly those in fixed income, are stretching for higher returns, which is fueling overheated markets. “As the search for yield intensifies, vulnerabilities are shifting to the nonbank sector and market risks are rising,” the report cautions. The IMF is urging central banks, including the U.S. Federal Reserve, View More

Gold Exploration’s Slow Rebound

Gold mining companies are boosting their exploration spending following four years of steep declines. But the supply of new gold will be limited, which will provide support for gold prices. A new analysis from S&P Global shows the gold mining industry this year raising exploration budgets by 22 percent to $4 billion. But only half of that amount is allocated towards what S&P Global describes as “discovery oriented gold exploration”—searching for new sources of gold— just 1/3 of what the industry spent View More