gold at cost

gold at cost

Gold USD 1333.01   per Ounce
Silver USD 17.04   per Ounce
Platinum USD 1016.75  per Ounce
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Shining Bright in 2018

Analysts at two of Canada’s major investment banks are advising clients to purchase precious metals to take advantage of an expected early year seasonal jump in gold prices. Royal Bank of Canada sees a repeat of last year’s bullish start to the year, while CIBC predicts gold may hit its high for the year in January. U.S.-based Goldman Sachs also predicts positive returns for gold in the first quarter, driven in part, by strong jewelry demand from China before Chinese New Year View More

U.S. Gold Jewelry Sales Climb

It’s looking like a golden holiday season for jewelry retailers across the United States. Gold jewelry demand in the U.S. has been strong through the year and a robust start to the holiday shopping season should accelerate the trend. Deloitte’s 2017 Holiday Retail Survey indicates 26 percent of shoppers intend to gift jewelry, up from 18 percent in 2012, while the National Retail Federation holiday survey found 33 percent of women are hoping to receive jewelry. In many households, gold jewelry has View More